SQL user list

September 2015

Since becoming a director of a company, I've started getting frequent sales calls from people who have obviously got my name from some public domain database of company directors. This pisses me off and the caller usually ends up getting abuse. That's bad enough but it's even worse when I get calls to my home from automated dialling systems.

I once took a phone call from some guy who worked for a telecom company. His opening gambit was to ask if I was the home owner. I told him I didn't live in the house and I was just robbing it. He then asked when the best time to call back would be. I told him the best time would probably be after I've finished robbing the house but that it was probably not worth it because I'd be stealing the telephone. He hung up.

From: jessica.maddy@hotmail.com
Sent: September 29, 2015 06:34 AM
To: Eddie Hall
Subject: SQL reseller


I had a chance to review your website and understood that you are a MS SQL re seller and provide related to this technology. Would you be interested in MS SQL user list? We can provide the details of decision makers from such user companies.

Please let us know your target audience and few free samples would be sent for your review. your quick note will be greatly appreciated.


From: Eddie Hall
Sent: September 29, 2015 09:45 AM
To: Jessica Maddy
Subject: RE: SQL reseller

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for your email. Which website did you look at? Was it the one involving goat porn or was it the ISIS recruitment website? I mean both use a SQL database but the latter is obviously being closely monitored by the feds.

Anyway, I'm really interested in your proposal so please send me more information. I mean I'm not sure why you assume I'm a SQL reseller but if you could send me a list of users who use SQL that would be great, if a little redundant because if they already use it I'm not sure why they would want someone to sell it to them again unless they were a mutant. Still, I like having personal information about people because I can sell that information on the black market.

Kind regards