Rye House Race Report

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie's prediction on where he would be taken out on the circuit came true as he was again removed from one of his heats by another driver. He was hit at turn 1 at the start of heat two, just where he had predicted someone would hit him earlier in the day! This makes it 10 out of 10 races this year where Eddie has been forced off by another driver.

Despite this setback, Eddie did manage a convincing win in the C final, qualifying himself onto the back of the B final. This race proved to be yet another frustration as he struggled with an ill-handling kart. and finished well down the order.

Eddie was also disapointed with his lack of pace during the day. As at Birmingham three weeks ago, Eddie said he had no excuses (apart from the B final). "I just don't know what the problem has been the last couple of races. The opening couple of rounds I was right on the pace. At Whilton Mill I was setting lap times right up there with the top guys - even keeping them honest in the heats. The last couple of races I've just been driving like an old tart basically. Roll on next year is all I can say."