Jim Russell Taught me

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie has admitted that his driving has significantly improved since he attended the Jim Russell International Racing Scholarship at the end of 1999.

Eddie, who has been quite critical of the school in the past, said that his overall racing attitude has changed since the last time he competed professionally.

"Before, it was just a case of getting behind the wheel and driving as hard as I could but the Jim Russell school taught me about the theory, about thinking ahead, planning manoeuvres before commiting and much more in-depth things that I never considered before."

"The two tests that I did with Playscape, I noticed a phenominal improvement in my own tactical attitude which is why I believe I went so well on both occasions. I don't think I appreciated what it did for me at the time, but now after such a long break I can see that it did me a lot of good. The instructors are fantastic!"

Eddie, pictured left driving a Jim Russell Formula Ford at Silverstone in 1999, will be competing in the British Club championship next season.