The last race - a typical result!

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie ended the 2003 season with a result that pretty much summed up his season - disappointment. Eddie yet again failed to make the A final by the smallest of margins. He blaims this on a poor decision by the race stewards, which saw him receive a four place deduction for apparently knocking off another driver.

"The guy went much wider than necessary at the second hairpin and I easily took him down the inside. I was on the inside at the exit and I was in front by half a kart length. Instead of giving me room, he just decided that he didn't want me ahead of him and tried tapping me off. I escaped unharmed and he spun. I think it was a very questionable decision my the stewards."

His day wasn't all bad, however. In his second heat, he went from 17th on the grid to fourth before the end of the first lap, showing the promise that has surfaced from time to time this year when he isn't being taken out by other drivers.

Eddie was bitterly disappointed not to qualify straight into the A final after another solid drive put him 6th in his final heat. He instead lined up 3rd in the B final but was taken out at turn 1 whe going for second. Sadly, the damaged caused by this incident was terminal and Eddie had to retire.

It didn't end there, however, as Eddie was again rammed by another driver while driving the pusher lart back to the pits!