Eddie's manager slams marshalling

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie's manager has said that he thinks the standard of marshalling was pretty bad this year. His comments come after a season in which Eddie was hit by other drivers in virtually every race of the season.

"I don't ever recall seeing anyone ever get a penalty for taking him out - granted I don't pay close attention to any of the other drivers. What really annoys me is that he got two, in my opinion, unfair penalties this season for things that weren't his fault. At Ellough Park I saw somebody drive him off the track and force him to cut a corner. Eddie slowed down and let more people than he needed through and still got a penalty for it. I am really angry about the penalty at Buckmore because the guy hit Eddie from behind so I don't see how that was his fault. It's really annoying because that cost him a place in the A final."

Richard praised the professionalism last season but thinks it took a dive this year. "I can't understand it. I thought the marshalling was brilliant at most races last year but they just seem to have gone off the boil this year."