I nearly quit!

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie has revealed that he very nearly gave up racing altogether during his sabatical in 2000.

In an interview, Eddie said "After the Silverstone Formula Ford I was completely bankrupt. I had to make a decision whether I wanted to continue or not and it was a tough decision to make".

"I worked extremely hard during 2000 but there were a few individuals who seemed to want to hold me back. I was promised things by certain individuals which never materialised and I was fed a lot of bullshit - typical estate agent type stuff!"

"Towards the end of the year I managed to get things together and I am now with people who I trust and have a lot of respect for. My plans to make the grid for 2001 fell by the wayside but a lot of work has been put in during this year by everybody and I am hoping for a great 2002 season."