Rye House Decider

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

This weekend's race at Rye House may be Eddie's final race in the lightweight category according to the latest from the Hall Racing News Desk.

Eddie weighed in over a kilogram over the weight limit at the opening round at Buckmore Park and he has said that if he is no lighter for this race he will seriously consider changing category.

"I have to think of my best interest. I am giving away ridiculous amounts of time per lap because of my weight and that can't be helping my performance at all. The only concern I have about moving up a category is that I am going to be right on the minimum weight limit and I reckon that I will lose weight over the summer when I'm doing more running and bike riding."

His weight is also giving him reservations about the forthcoming race. "I think that this circuit will disadvantage me even more because of the weight issue due to the layout of the circuit."