A birthday beating!

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie celebrated his birthday by finally ending his losing streak against Squash rival Mark van Keulen. Eddie, who has been beaten in two consecutive matches, beat Mark in three straight games.

He won the first game 9-1 and made a stunning comeback in the second to come from 7-0 down to win 9-7. The third game was very close - Mark, defiant as ever, making Eddie fight for a 9-6 win (although the score didn't justify the closeness).

Mark got his own back in the fourth game, beating Eddie 9-4 by putting in a brilliant display. The fifth game was level at 2-2 before time-out.

This was Eddie's first win since his own two game winning streak against Simon Tompsett over a month ago.

Eddie played for the first time in his glasses, something he has yet to do on the race track. It may be something that he considers in the future.