Endurance ruined by 'idiots'!

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

A dejected pair of IMSD Racing drivers cruised home in a disappointing 21st place after a day filled with setbacks.

The race got off to a bad start when the fuel man couldn't get the nozzle in at their first pitstop. They then got a 30 second stop and go penalty when Stephen overtook under a yellow flag in his first stint. Eddie was then taken out twice in his first stint. To compound matters, Eddie then missed the mechanics bay when coming into the pits and had to do another lap before coming in again.

Stephen then got another, very questionable, 30 second penalty for 'advantage by contact' in his last stint, while the pair continued to have troubel with the fuel nozzle mysteriously not connecting with the tank.

The race then settled down, albeit in a kart that had a lack of power coming out of corners. Eddie narrowly avoided being taken out two more times before finally crossing the line to finish 21st out of 36.

Eddie was furious after the race and branded some of the other drivers 'idiots'. There were some people out there today driving like complete tossers! I was taken out early on by some f**kwit who was all over the place. Then I got tangled up with some arsehole who spun because he didn’t acknowledge that the guy in front of me was signalling to come into the pits!

“There were a handful of drivers who didn’t seem to comprehend that this was a two and a half hour endurance, and were driving like it was the final lap of a sprint race! One driver (And I’m sure it was the same guy who took me out before) event tried nudging me off the track at turn 1 when I was over half a kart length in front and had won the corner. Fortunately his stupidity made him spin.”

Stephen was, as always, more diplomatic after the race. “It just wasn’t our day today. Everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong.”

He did admit, however, that this is not his favourite track. “I had forgotten just how much I don’t get on with this track. It’s not one I am particularly quick at.”

Eddie was more annoyed because he felt that this was a circuit that they could get a good result at. “Although I forgot that, because of the way the grids are worked out, we would be starting near the back [19th], I really was hoping for a good result here. This circuit has been kind to me in the past and, with Stephen as a team mate, I was really hoping for a top 3 position.”

Eddie will be in action at Lydd again tomorrow for the Sprint race. Stephen Deuchar next races in round 3 of the City Challenge at Whilton Mill on 20th June.