Edd Returns from Injury filled Holiday

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie returned from his third trip to Tenerife in 18 months on Sunday night.

Eddie, who had an action packed week which included Scuba Diving, Quad biking, karaoke and a trip on a Catamaran to add to his jet skiing exploits, returned with a few injuries. The smallest injury was to his right knee and shoulder, sustained whilst playing air hockey. "I was the undisputed champion of the holiday but we were all being a bit violent and I came back with a few bruises. My opponents almost lost either their teeth or eyes which made me feel a bit better..." Eddie also had a small emergency whilst scuba diving. A qualified diver, Eddies air started leeking when he was under water and had to take action to stop it.

However, the most serious incident occured whilst Eddie was quad biking. Eddie explained "The first problem I had was that I am used to having a steering wheel to steer rather than handle bars and on the extremely rough terrain I kept pulling to the left which caused a big scare when I nearly fell off a cliff!."

The biggest scare came when Eddie lost control over a big rock, slipped and the rear wheel ran over his left leg. "I am used to riding a mountain bike off road and when I lose control on a mountain bike I instinctively put my foot down. I realised that you don't do that on a quad!"

Eddie seemed to take it in good spirit but things could have been a lot worse as he could quite have easily broken his leg. "I don't know what my manager would have said had I missed the first races with injury!"

Despite these small setbacks, Eddie returned safely and confirmed that he is to have his first test of 2002 in February.