Talking Frankly

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

In a recent (and typically frank) interview, Eddie said that he thinks he is easily capable of being a consistent top 10 driver in the heavyweights. However, he also stated that he knows he may never become a consistent front runner unless he becomes more aggressive.

"If you look at my first three races in the Heavyweight class, I have made two A finals out of three. At Clay I lost places in two of my qualifying heats by not being aggressive enough in overtaking. Thate easily prevented me from qualifying in the top 10. At Lydd I was taken out in two of my heats but still managed to finish 6th in the B final. At Warden Law I had bad karts in two of my heats but still managed to qualify for the A. Without that I think I would have easily made the top 10 as well."

Eddie, who qualified himself out of the rookie championship last weekend by making his second 'A' final of the season, is encouraged by his perfomance so far but is still not entirely happy with himself.

"When you look at my races over the last two years, I've actually made very few mistakes, I just seem to be the unlucky guy all of the time. I always seem to be the one who gets taken out by someone or is just in the wrong place at the wrong time and involved in someone elses f**k up.

"The problem is that I find it hard to believe that I can be that unlucky all of the time. I get to thinking that it must be something I'm doing. The problem is that I think I've become a bit of a pussy on the track and that just attracts d**kheads making stupid moves on me. The problem I face is that everytime I show a bit of aggression, I always get penalised for it unfairly (in my opinion). I remember at Ellough last season, I firmly closed the door on someone behind me, he pushed me off the track and I got penalised for cutting across the infield even though I let everyone back through - more than I needed to infact!

"Sometimes I just think 'f**k it, maybe I should turn into an arsehole' but I don't think I'm capable of doing that - I'm naturally too nice and that's always going to be my problem."

Despite his obvious frustration, Eddie did take time out to compliment the heavyweight drivers.

"I think overall the level of driving is much better that in the lightweights. From what I've seen and experienced so far, it's great and I'm enjoying it much more."