A war of words.

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

The events of the last race have caused a war of words among the drivers involved in the start line fiasco at Whilton Mill.

Eddie publicly criticised the decision not to abort the first start after he was passed by Ian Berry before the line. He was ultimately given a four places penalty for pusing Chris Davis into a spin on lap 2, costing him a place in the A final.

His comments were met with opposition from both other drivers involved and with the start line official, who claimed that he saw nothing wrong with the start.

Berry claimed that he could see that Davis was going to "gun it" at the start and simply anticipated his move. Eddie obvoiusly disagreed, stating that Davis did not make a "steady and even pace" to the flag.

Arguments and counter-arguments have been flyin ever since, with all parties having their own opinion. In a recent interview, however, Eddie said that the situation has died down some-what.

"Obviously everyone has their own opinion - that is always going to happen in these situations. I still do not agree with Mick (the start line official) that it was a fair start but there is nothing I can do about that so I just have to leave it.

"As for Ian passing me before the line, I imagine that had roles been reversed we would both have completely different opinions - that is racing!

"I fully accept my penalty for knocking Chris out and I have told him as much. What I was annoyed about was the fact that if the start had been aborted as, in my opinion, it should have been, I would not have been in that position in the first place."

Eddie actually finished the race in a very close third place but was demoted to seventh after being given a four place deduction for his incident with Chris Davis.

"The other reason I was annoyed with that is that I have lost count of the amount of times I have had races ruined by other people - and not once do I remember those drivers getting a penalty!

I may not like it but I just have to accept the opinions of others and accept what happened and put it behind me. I just have to make sure that I do well at Ellough Park."