Double Celebration

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Not only will the Hall Racing team be celebrating Eddie's best ever finish in a sprint race, but also the beating of a very important record.

After the race at Bayford, Eddie and his manager had their customary post race beers and managed to equal last year's total of 185. Not only do they stand to beat that record tonight at their traditional post-race debrief, but also to get close to the 200 mark.

Eddie said of the up-coming contest, "The pressure is really on us now. Nobody quite appreciates the burden that a feat like this represents - It is psychologically very tiring."

His manager was equally down-to-earth about the prospect of beating such an impressive record. "It is a hard life really but somebody has to do it."

The duo has estimated that they could reach a staggering total of over 220 by the end of the season, which is definitely a stunning achievement.

"The only problem with beating a record like this is that it is going to make it even more difficult to beat next year."

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