Record Smashed!

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie and his manager have smashed last years Budweiser total by consuming twelve beers and getting the total season count up to a staggering 197. With the Buckmore Park race and the post-season debrief still to go, it looks like the season end total will be well over the 200 mark!

Eddie said of the achievement "Budweiser is just such a nice beer that it is hard not to beat last years record."

His manager was pleased to break the record after the Bayford Race. "To cap off the most promising race to date - and of course the best fried breakfast of the season - with a record is fantastic. To do it at Bayford is definately appropriate, as the circuit does slightly resemble the one from the Budweiser/Williams advert..."

When asked whether they thought they could beat the total again next season, Eddie replied "Well we will have to do more races next year won't we? We have been talking about making our regular 'Father/Son Chilli and Bud Nights' into an official Racing event - maybe a mid-season analysis or something."

This is something that may be talked about more over the Brazilian GP weekend. "It has become traditional for my Dad to come round my house for the Grands Prix and have a few beers. I am cooking a Chilli for this race as well so we might have to discuss it..."