Aiming to finish season on high!

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie is aiming to end the 2004 season on a high at Buckmore Park. The 2004 season has been by far the most competative yet, with Eddie making 4 out of 8 finals (not counting the disqualification at Whilton Mill).

The last race at Bayford was very promising, with Eddie holding his own against out-going champion, Paul Hicks.

"Bayford was a great day. It was helped by the fact that I know the circuit better than most of the tracks we go to so I wasn't disadvantaged anywhere near as much as usual. I amn hoping Buckmore Park will be good as well, as it is the circuit I am most familiar with and I like it a lot.

"I am hoping to make another A final and hope to have a better result than at Bayford."

Buckmore Park is the last race of the season and takes place next Sunday 14th of November.