Frustrating End to a good season!

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

The end to the season was not as successful as was hoped as, for the second time this season, Eddie was prevented from starting the A final having being given a penalty after finishing in third place.

The day got off to a slow start as Eddie spun off twice in the practice laps and, consequently, only got one flying lap in before the start.

Starting 13th, Eddie was promoted to 11th due to two drivers not making the grid. On a cold track with cold tyres, it took Eddie a few laps to build up confidence. He passed a few drivers in the last three laps to finish a creditable 8th.

Heat 2 started brilliantly. Starting 5th on the grid, Eddie made a cracking start to snatch the lead going into turn 1. Eddie and Simon Mace then pulled out a good lead on the opening lap but their progress was thwarted when the red flag was brought out after a five-kart pile up behind them.

At the restart, Eddie failed to make the places up and actually dropped back a few. He was nevertheless running well in the top 5 until the last lap when he was pushed wide and lost three places. He was later given a two place deduction for contact with Simon Mace. Although both parties agreed that they didn’t come anywhere near to touching at any point during the race, Eddie was still given a penalty and classified 10th.

Eddie’s bad luck seemed to continue. Starting 7th, his kart refused to fire up coming out of the pits for his last heat and he suffered with throttle problems throughout the race. He still managed to make another good start and was running third for the first half of the race before inevitably dropping back, eventually finishing 5th.

“I don’t know how I managed to hold onto third for as long as I did. There was nothing fundamentally wrong with the kart, it was just that when I depressed the throttle, there was no power (which is why I could get moving) and then suddenly all the power came at once, which caused unnecessary excitement coming out of corners!”.

These results put Eddie 7th on the grid for the B final. Another good start moved Eddie up to fifth at turn 1. He then past two karts in a neat move at the bottom of the hill. At the end of the opening lap, he was again awarded a penalty but nevertheless carried on and was maintaining a good pace with the top two.

Although finishing third on the road, Eddie was prevented from taking part in the A final. His penalty was awarded for ABC (Advantage By Contact) on the first corner.

“I am totally gutted.” Were Eddie’s comments. “Twice today I was given a totally unfair penalty and both times the ‘victim’ agreed that I did nothing wrong. After heat two I asked Simon whether we touched and he said ‘No, and even if we did it didn’t affect me’. As for the final, I admit there was some innocent wheel banging going into the first corner, but it was very minor and I certainly didn’t profit as I had the line anyway. The other guy even came up to me after the race and apologised for squeezing me at the start.

“Why the stewards don’t take the other driver’s word is totally beyond me – it’s like being accused of mugging somebody and the victim telling the police that the culprit is innocent and the culprit being charged and sentenced – It just wouldn’t happen!”

Eddie was nevertheless happy with his performance. “Again I feel I showed a good turn of speed. I know I would have been well into the A final if I hadn’t been robbed – still there is nothing I can do – roll on 2005…”