2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie was at Buckmore Park today purely as a spectator to see his IMSD Racing team-mates clinch the City Challenge Championship. The duo of Ian Miller and Stephen Deuchar drove a solid and sensible race to second place to take che championship with ease.

They only needed to finish twelfth today, with their nearest rival needing to win. However, the qualified second on the grid and pretty much held station throughout, making sure they stayed out of trouble.

The only real alarm came in the early stages when Stephen was given a questionable stop and go penalty when a kart spun in front of him and he made slight contact (doing no damage). The stewards misenterpreted this as Advantage By Contact.

The whole team were understandably delighted with the end result. In a season in which they have won four out of the seven races (four in the first five), they are truly well-deserved champions.

The team are moving up to the Inters Endurance championship for 2005 with a three man team, Eddie Hall and Ian Wilson joining them.