Return of Kartwars!

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

The title for the 2005 Eddie Hall promotion has been revealed. "Return of the Heavy" will be the title to the third and final chapter in the popular Kart Wars Trilogy.

Continuing the saga of the first two promotions, which take place a long time ago at a race track far, far away, "Return of the Heavy" will tell the story of Eddie's return to the heavyweight category (having of course made his Club100 debut there for the opening round of 2002).

Some long awaited characters will make their debut, including Darth Hicks, SuperBra, and of course everybody's favourite Quick-Draw Beer Guzzler, Mick the Hutt!

Unbelieveably, Eddie Hall is already making plans for a new set of promo's to start in 2006! "I have to change the script from Kart Wars because it is getting a bit tired now. It was a great idea because there are few things that are as instantly recognisable and (relatively) easy to spoof. I think people are already getting bored with this and I can only really do three - in keeping in line with the thing I am trying to spoof - so this one will definately be the last... well until I decide to re-master them in 20 years time and bring out the Prequals!"

"Return of the Heavy" is due for release in 19th January 2005.