A surprise Christams Race

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Just when you thought the racing season was over.

Eddie Hall and IMSD Racing team-mate, Stephen Deuchar are to race in a non-championship Thunderkart race at Buckmore Park on December 28th. The news came only late this afternoon, with the duo confirming that they have signed up to compete in the 2 hour endurance race at Buckmore Park.

"I am absolutely delighted," were Eddie's comments when the story was revealed. "It was a very unexpected - but vey pleasant - surprise. I have made no secret of my desire to have a go in one of these Thunderkarts. I hoped to test one this year but didn't for various reasons.

"I am, as always, looking forward to driving with Stephen. It will be an honour to race with a champion!"

Stephen, of course, won the City Challenge championship last Sunday (with other IMSD regular Ian Miller) with a comfortable second place finish.