2004 Ends on a high

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

2004 has ended on a high note with IMSD drivers Eddie Hall and Stephen Deuchar claiming third place in the Buckmore Park 2hr Thunderkart Endurance race. Having never driven a Thunderkart before, the duo had only 10 minutes each in timed practice to learn the kart.

The non-championship race was contested by 35 drivers and the duo were immediately on the pace, lining up 8th on the grid.

Stephen started the race and made a brilliant start to move straight into third. He dropped back to fourth - a position he held for several laps. Being forced into the tyre wall dropped him back to 8th but he managed to claw back positions and was running fifth when he came in for the teams one and only driver/fuel change.

Eddie took over at the pitstop and carried on where Stephen left off, battling hard in the top 4 for most of his 1 hour stint.

Eddie's only scare came in the last 15 minutes of the race when some of the more novice drivers started to tire. "After two hours of racing, I guess some of the other drivers were getting a bit tired because some of them started getting a bit careless and silly - one nearly put me in to the tyre wall when I was in third place."

Avoiding any serious incidents, Eddie cruised home to a very popular third position at the flag, picking up his first trophy of 2004.

It was a fitting end to what has been a successful year, not only for Eddie, but for IMSD Racing, who clinched the City Challenge Championship last month.