Room for Improvement

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Having read the recently published 2004 season review, Eddie has said that he agrees with Steve Dart's comments about him and will try his best to make these improvements in 2005.

In Steve's report he said "Eddie Hall continued to pick up too many penalties for my liking and more often than not it ruined his qualifying and/or his final performances. I’m a little disappointed that he hasn’t learnt to keep his nose clean and even if some of these were not his fault, I’m a firm believer in ‘no smoke without fire’. He missed the first two races, made a handful of A final’s and was always well up in the B final on the other occasions, but his overall progress was nothing more than average this season.

"2005 is a critical year and one where he needs to start proving their potential."

When asked on his thoughts on these comments, Eddie replied "As usual, Steve has made an honest and fair account of what he see's. I am aware that I picked up far too many penalties throughout the year and, although I questioned the wisom of most of them, I can't hide from the fact that I got them.

"I don't think the race officials have got anything against me personally (although it did feel like it at time) and I don't believe for one second that they would unfairly penalise me even if they did!

"I acknowledge that this is an area in which I need to improve. The speed is there - that has never been in question - and this season, my consistency and ability to stay out of trouble (certainly as far as collisions and getting involved in other people's incidents) seems to have improved. Next year, as well as enhancing these issues, I really need to work on my race craft and try not to get into as much trouble. Hopefully doing a full season of endurance racing as well will help."

Eddie was also quick to point out that, no matter what Steve had said in his review, he would have supported his point of view.

"Steve, along with all of the Club100 staff, is a fair and honest character. As well as this, he is also still (by all accounts) an extremely good driver. I would be foolish not to listen to his advice. I know full well that I can be too agressive sometimes and I know that my racecraft needs a lot of work. I will always take his advice into consideration."

Eddie will not have long to wait. With Buckmore Park only three weeks away, it will be back to work...