A Podium!

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

The 2005 season got off to a cracking start yesterday with IMSD Racing scoring a fine second place at the opening round at Buckmore Park. After an eventful start, the trio of Ian Miller, Stephen Deuchar and Eddie Hall all drove consistently to claim the second step on the podium.

The team did not compete in the test prior to the race due to no karts being available.

The day started in dry conditions. Stephen Deuchar went out first in qualifying and immediately set the pace. Ian Miller went out second but had to come back in to the pits after it transpired that the team had forgotten to fix their transponder to the kart. Just before Eddie went out, the heavens opened and there was a mad dash in the pits while they all changed into their wet suits.

The team lined up second on the thirty kart grid. Eddie started the race with half a tank of fuel. Despite getting completely out of shape going into turn 1, he managed to hold his position going into the first hairpin. Unfortunately, he was tapped into a spin at turn 3 and rejoined at the back of the field. The team made a quick decision to bring him in for his first mandatory fuel stop at the end of lap 2 to give him track position.

Taking advantage of the atrocious conditions, Eddie carved his way through the field and had made significant gain when he came in for the first driver change.

Ian Miller took over from Eddie. Driving smoothly and consistently, he too made up significant ground. Despite one spin during his first stint, Ian had moved well into the top 10 before he, too, came in for a driver change.

Stephen Deuchar took the helm and drove flawlessly, making no mistakes as he carried the team up the field further.

There was confusion in the pits as the lap boards were not working properly for most of the race. It registered Stephen as running eighth when he came in to hand the kart back over to Eddie.

Eddie went out and moved into the top 5 before handing back over to Ian Miller, who moved up to third. Stephen took over for the final sprint to the flag (their early splash and dash paying off at this stage) and maintained third position.

On the last lap, Stephen managed to nip into second just before the flag, earning IMSD a well-deserved trophy.