Calendar Changes

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

With the news that the abandoned season opener at Buckmore park has been re-scheduled for 27th August comes the news that Eddie will not driver for IMSD Racing at Rye House.

It was announced earlier today that the Buckmore Park race will take place in the summer. It was cancelled on Sunday due to adverse weather conditions.

It was also announced today that Eddie Hall will step down for Rye House to klet Ian Miller drive. Eddie will now compete at Glan-Y-Gors in Wales at the end of June.

In team statement, Eddie said "Ian was going to come down as a spectator for Rye House. As he lives in Bristol, I suggested that it makes more sense for him to race if he is going to travel all that way. Rye House is barely an hours drive for me and I don't particularly like the place anyway so I am happy to step aside."

Ian backed this up by saying "As Eddie will be travelling to Glan-y-Gors for the sprint event the same weekend it makes sense that he does the race there. Also Stephen, Ian W and Eddie raced their together in 2003 and know the Circuit and, as a result, could well be quicker than I would be on a debut visit."

Eddie will next race at Rye House for the sprint event on Saturday 19th march.