Shades of 2003...

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

It was back down to earth with a bump yesterday at Rye House as Eddie struggled from 16th on the grid in the B final befire being eliminated from the race by another driver.

Rye House welcomed the drivers with sunny weather and scorching temperatures, but it proevd to be a less satisfying day for Eddie. After scoring two podium finishes in two races with IMSD, it must have been a bit of a culture shock to be fighting in the mid-field.

He lined up second on the grid in thwe first heat and was holding his position in third until the penultimate lap, when he was passed by Kieren McCullough at the hairpin. This caused a couple of over-oportunistic drivers to try a move, which ended in Eddie being punted off and taking the hapless McCullough with him.

"It was crazy, " were Eddie's comments. Kieren made a fair move down the inside so I left him enough room to squeeze by. Then I saw three or four karts try to follow him through. Physics dictates that you cannot fit that number of karts into such a tiny place. I was pushed on to the grass and tried squeezing through a gap in the tyre wall, but there is no grip on wet grass so I lost it."

His day seemed to pick up after that. A seventh place from ninth on the grid in heat two and a storming drive to fourth from fifteenth in heat three secured Eddie a place in the B final.

"I was reasonably happy. Despite hating this circuit with a passion, I felt I did a reasonable job and think I could have qualified comfortably in the A final had I not been taken out in my first heat."

Eddie made a good start in the final and was challenging in the top ten, when he was again taken out.

"I saw shades of 2003 today! I just seemed that people were seeking me out to ruin my day. There was a bit of a traffic jam going into the final complex of corners and I could see that the battle in front of me was going to end in teasr so I moved to the inside expecting them to spin out. Suddenly I am tapped into a spin from behind and involved with the accident in front of me.

"I am really disappointed because my kart was working really well and I think I could have finished quite well up."

Despite his disappointment, Eddie was philosophical after the event.

"If there is a circuit I am going to perform badly at it will be Rye House. I hate the place. Nevertheless, I think I drove well and I'm encouraged with my performance. Had I not been taken out in my first heat I think I could have scraped into the A final. I just have to look forward to the next race [at Bayford], and I am confident I will have a better race there.