Don't expect miracles!

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie has urged fans not to expect too much from him in 2002.

Despite three blistrering test sessions so far, Eddie has expressed his reservations about the championship.

"Testing is one thing but racing is a completely different ball game" Eddie said in a recent interview. "It has been quite hard to truly guage how competitive I have been in testing because the competition has been so spread out. The races will show if I am truly on the pace or not and I am not expecting to challenge for the championship in my debut season. I am just using 2002 as a development year. Next year I will hope to win some races and after that, maybe look towards the championship. Obviously if I can win races this year that would be great but I don't want people to expect it."

The season kicks off in a weeks time at Buckmore Park in Chatham. This will be Eddie's first professional competition since September 1999 when he raced Formula Ford at Silverstone.