A Frustrated Eighth from Pole

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

A disappointed Eddie could only manage an eighth place finish having started from pole position in the B final on Saturday.

Eddie just failed to scrape into the A final after a moderately successful trio of qualifying heats. Starting 15th in his first heat, he moved up the order to finish seventh. A fifth place from sixth on the grid followed and a solid drive to seventh (from seventh on the grid) in his final heat capped off what Eddie described a very uncomfortable session.

“I just could not get to grips with the track conditions today. There was a cold wind and the track was very cold as a result. I felt I wasn’t pushing hard enough and was being over cautious all day, which hampered my qualifying position. My lap times were pathetic all day!”

Eddie made a great start from pole and led the opening lap. He managed to hold off the rest of the field with a comfortable gap until the end of lap 3, when a slight hesitation under a yellow flag allowed the pursuing pack to take advantage and jump him going into the hairpin.

“It was a stupid mistake to make. At the end of the main straight the yellow flag was out. There was a kart running a bit slower with his hand up. I thought he had just backed off and was acknowledging the yellow flag so I eased off and stayed behind him. Then him moved his hand out and waved my through and headed for the pits. That moment’s hesitation just allowed everyone to close on me and jump me into the hairpin.”

The hapless Eddie then lost several places in the following two corners and started the next lap in eighth position!

“Again, it was pathetic and just another example of how over cautious I was being. Two karts dived down the inside of me going into the first hairpin and IO gave them room as not to cause an accident. Then loads more people tried sticking their noses through and I just went off line. I think that lap must rank among the worst in motor racing history!”

Eddie proceeded to lose two more positions on the following lap before getting back into the groove and maintaining 10th position. He was promoted to ninth on the penultimate lap when an over ambitious lunge from rookie driver Barney Langley resulted in the removal of someone’s wheel. This became eighth when Langley was penalised for this incident.

“I am quite glad he got a penalty for that. It was a sloppy incident. Plus he made a very messy attempt at overtaking me earlier in the race, where I had to run wide to avoid being driven off the track.”

All in all, Eddie was utterly disappointed with his race performance. “I just can’t explain why I couldn’t get to grips today. I flew here last weekend in the endurance and I flew here in the sprint last year. It makes it even more galling to think that last year I was battling with the likes of Stuart Symonds and Paul Hicks, so to be this slower just hurts! I make no excuses – I drove like a bitch all day!”

There is now a 7 week gap until the nest sprint race at Clay Pigeon, but Eddie will be in action in three weeks time in the Spa Francorchamps 10 Hour race, driving for IMSD Racing.