Eddie talks of Clay pain

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie has spoken out over the pain he felt after the last race in Dorset. Eddie was punted off the track at turn 2 after his second consecutive B final pole position.

"On the way back from the race I hardly said a word. I felt really lousy. It still hurts a bit talking about it now.

"I knew I would have won the race. I stayed out and lapped the circuit just to prove that."

Eddie is so far failed to qualify for an A final this season and languishes well down in the sprint championship as a result.

"What makes this hurt even more is that I am doing so well in the Inters championship with IMSD Racing. A first and a second place in the three races I have done with them (the win coming at Spa) and we're fighting for the championship, so to be languishing down the order and fighting in the mid-field in the sprints is not where I want to be."

When asked about is thoughts on the rest of the season, Eddie replied:

"For sure the sprint season is looking like a bit of a lost cause at the moment. Unless I have some fantastic results in the next few races there's no way I'm going to improve on last years position. To be honest, I'm focussing more on the endurance series now. As I said, we're fighting for the championship. We have been on the podium in 3 out of the 4 championship races and we won the prestigious Spa 10 hour race, so my motivation is obviously higher in this series."

Eddie next races at Glan'Y'Gors in North Wales at the end of June. He will be competing in both the Sprint race (Saturday) and the Endurance (Sunday).