Indy's 'ironic' farce

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie has given his opinion on the farcical US Grand Prix at the weekend by saying that he thinks the FIA should be held primarily responsible for the debacle, and added that it was ironic that this happened in the United States.

Seven of the Ten teams pulled straight into the pits due to their Michelin Tyres not able to withstand the duration of the Grand Prix. Although Eddie agreed that it was a fault on the part of Michelin and the FIA was right not to penalise rivals Bridgestone, he thinks that the FIA should have looked at the bigger picture.

"I agree that Bridgestone shouldn't have been disadvantaged in any way by imposing, say, the chicane that was proposed, but I can't see that would have made the slightest difference.

"I personally think that the governing body, especially Bernie Eccelstone and Max Mosely, are just too stubborn to accept that it was their stupid rules that have caused these tyre issues in the first place, and they are determined not to accept that they are wrong that they missed the big picture - the fans.

"They should have thought more about what was in the best interest of the millions of fans rather than all this f**king legal crap! All it needed was for Bernie to make a decision. They are supposed to be a governing body. They should GOVERN!.

"I think that this just highlights how innefective the FIA really are. The sport almost needs to run under a dictatorship. Someone strong enough and intelligent to make a sensible decision. Eccelstone used to be like this but he's just gone f**king senile in his old age."

Despite having symathy for the fans (himself included), Eddie also said that it was ironic that it happened at Indy.

"Basically, the reason Michelin didn't want the teams to race was on safety. In the f**king nanny society that we live in, they knew that if a driver were to crash and lose his life, they would get sued! I just think it's ironic because it was the Americans who started this litigation culture in the first place. I mean in the States, you only have to blow your nose in public and some twat will try and sue you!"

This statement was backed up with the announcement that some fans are attempting to take legal action.