Title still a Real Possibility

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie has said that IMSD Racing still have more than a good chance of snatching the championship away from rivals HB Racing. All they need is just a bit of good luck.

The team have suffered with their fair share of bad luck so far this season. "At Buckmore we lost the win due to my being taken out at the start. At Bayford we easily had the pace to win had Ian not been taken out and we clearly were by far the quickest at Glan-Y-Gors but for two mechanical failures."

Main championship rivals HB Racing have so far had a fairly clean year, with no serious gremlins. IMSD Racing now trail them by 40 points with 5 races still to go.

"Admittedly our chances are getting smaller, but we are all staying positive. We know that, all things being fair, we could have probably won at least four out of the five races so far this year. We are clearly the class of the field. We have just had a bit of bad luck - we're like the Kimi Raikkonen's of the Inters Championship!"