Lydd Sprint

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie managed to salvage a creditable seventh after a difficult start to the Lydd weekend. On a circuit that is usually kind to Eddie, 2005 proved to be a more difficult sprint race.

Starting at the back of the grid for his first heat, Eddie managed to climb his way up to 10th at the flag, which was not bad, but Eddie explained later that he never got to grips until the final.

“I just didn’t feel comfortable. It was like at Bayford earlier in the year. I just couldn’t get to grips with the track today until the final.”

He then got held up behind Garret O’Connor, who made it more tbhan a little difficult for the karts behind.

“The guy was driving like a complete prick! There were several times when I pulled along side him and he just tried to drive me onto the grass. I managed to get past him at least twice and he just nudged me and did the same. It was very unsporting and I can’t believe he wasn’t given a warning for it.”

Eddie lined up sixth for his second heat but lost ground trying to go the long way around turn 1. His day got suddenly worse when he was given a four place penalty for hitting another kart.

“This pissed me off as well. I pulled out to overtake this guy. As we approached the breaking area, he decided to pull out and overtake someone else. I don’t know whether he just tagged the guy in front or just lost it under braking but he suddenly went sideways and I hit him. I managed to keep going, which obviously looked suspicious! I just have to accept the stewards decision on this.”

Eddie was demoted to 15th.

Lining up fourth for his last heat, Eddie made a good start to tuck in hehind the leaders. He lost ground on the second lap, losing a couple of places and then fell to the tail end of the top 10 on the next lap when he once again got involved with Garret O’Connor.

“This time he was behind me and tagged me coming out of the bottom hairpin, which made me go sideways, losing more places. He then tried to barge pass me again so I shut the door (and unceremoniously flicking him the “bird”).”

However, Eddies luck changed for the better when three karts were involved in an incident in front of him (including O’Connor). Then on the last lap, two of the leaders fell off promoting Eddie to a very surprising fourth!

Lining up 18th for the B final, Eddie made a very good start and managed to avoid a first corner collision just in front of him. By the end of the opening lap, Eddie was in the top 10 and starting to finally get to grips.

Getting more racy, he managed to pick off karts over the period of the shortened 10 lap race to eventually finish a very respectable seventh (almost snatching sixth on the last lap).