Revving up for Buckmore

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

This weekend marks the start of an extremely busy second half to the 2005 season, with Eddie competing in nine races in the space of three months.

Eddie will be competing in the postponed round 1 of the sprint series on Saturday before joining IMSD team-mates Stephen Deuchar and Ian Miller for the Lance Yeomans Memorial race on Sunday. The trio will be joined by fellow Inters driver Alex Withington for this non-championship race.

Eddie has said he is more looking forward to the endurance race and welcomes Alex into the IMSD Racing fold.

"His team, 'In it to bin it' are currently lying fifth in the championship so he's obviously fairly good. Stephen was looking for a driver who was both quick and a nice bloke, which are IMSD Racing's requiremtns so he should fit in quite nicely.

"As long as he's not literally 'In it to bin it' we should have a good chance! We also need to make sure he signs some sort of confidentiality agreement to stop him taking any of our top secrets back to his team for the championship..."