Impressive But Disappointed Second.

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

IMSD Racing finished a very impressive, albeit very disappointed, second at Whilton Mill for the seventh round of the Inters championship. The team were on course for their third consecutive win and second inters race in a row when Ian Miller got involved in an unfortunate incident with a spinning kart, which lost the team an entire lap.

There were concerns at the start of the race. Eddie went out last for practice and after a few laps came in to get the kart tested, complaining of a lack of top end. Unfortunately, he left it too late and came in just as the pit lane closed.

“I was kicking myself” explained Eddie. “For the first couple of laps the kart seemed to die at the top of the hill, which I put down to the fact that it had just been re-fuelled. It then seemed to clear but it became obvious the top end wasn’t there when I started to catch the karts in front and they drove away from me down the straight. I contemplated for far too long on whether or not I should come in and by the time I did it was too late."

As always, the team had to start on the back row of the grid. For the third race in a row Eddie started and made the most of it, instantly making up places and rapidly climbing up the order before making their now customary splash and dash on the 10 minute mark. Resuming for another 25 minute stint, Eddie continued to carve his way through the order, taking the lead before the half hour mark and more importantly for the team, easily catching and passing Stuart Brierley from championship rivals HB Racing.

Ian Wilson took over for his first stint of the day and continued the form, pushing hard, reducing the gap to the new leaders, Team BGID and extending the gap to main championship rivals, HB Racing, who were now up to third having also made two stops.

Ian Miller then took over for his first stint and, by his own admission, appeared to struggle from the beginning. Despite this, Ian was keeping HB Racing honest, who had managed to jump IMSD in the pitstops.

Disaster struck, however. Trying to put a lap on a backmarker, the other driver spun. Ian, who was already committed to the move, simply had nowhere to go and went off. This lost the team an entire lap, as Ian rejoined in almost exactly the same position on the track, albeit a lap down in seventh.

Eddie again took over for his second stint of the day with the sole intention of clawing back the lost ground. Driving like a man possessed, he managed to get back onto the lead lap and came in after his stop in the lead again, although HB Racing now had a pit stop in hand.

Ian Wilson took over for his last stint of the day. Rejoining the track 28 seconds behind HB Racing, he managed to claw back several seconds and came in just over 21 seconds behind.

Ian Miller then took over for the last 15 minute sprint to the flag. Rejoining the track in third behind Team BGID, this became second when the latter made their final stop of the day. Back on form and knowing that they were bearing down on their main championship rivals, Ian managed to reduce the gap to just over 18 seconds at the flag.

Although happy with their seventh podium from nine races, the trio were also disappointed to have again lost a victory through no fault of their own.

Ian Miller said “I don’t think I’ve ever been more disappointed to have finished second.”

Despite the minor disappointment, the team still remain at the top of the standings on dropped scores, 15 points ahead of HB Racing with 3 races left.