Team seal victory at Ellough

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie and fellow IMSD Racing team-mates Ian Miller and Ian Wilson cruised to the team’s fourth victory of the season at Ellough Park after a dominant performance at the Suffolk circuit.

With the championship battle getting closer, strategy was all important at this race. Due to Ian Miller having never driven at Ellough Park before, the other two drivers gave him the lion’s share of the practice session to learn the track. Strategy even in practice was carefully planned with the team topping up just before the fuel bay closed and then sitting out the remaining practice to save the fuel.

Once again it was Eddie who started the race. Again making good use of his sprint experience, he made a cracking start and managed to avoid the first corner carnage. HB Racing, having damaged their kart with an “off” in practice, made a much more cautious start.

IMSD then sprung a surprise on their rivals by coming in at the end of the first full lap. With one kart already in, this left no fuel bays available, leaving HB Racing no option but to continue round for another lap held up in the traffic.

Eddie then went out in clear air and put in blistering laps, taking the lead within the first 25 minute stint and lapping HB Racing in the process!

Ian Miller was next out and joined the track in sixth position. Continuing the great form, he fought his way up to third. The only scare came when a slower kart spun while being lapped and nearly took Miller out. Fortunately Ian had the momentum to keep going and only lost about 10 seconds.

The team were now well established in the top three by the time Wilson went out for his first stint. Ian again made gains on the karts in front and came in only a handful of seconds behind in third.

Eddie went out for his final stint and again had a fairly clean run, making short work of the lapped traffic and easily regaining the lead before handing back over to Miller.

Miller spent most of his stint in third position and was getting some serious attention from teams trying to un-lap themselves. The team wisely told Ian to let the karts past.

With the majority of the teams making their splash and dash stops near the end, the team decided to call Miller in as soon as the flurry of activity had died down. Wilson took over for the last 20 minutes with a comfortable 20 second lead over TWG Racing. However, Ian got badly held up by traffic and TWG Racing ate into their lead at an alarming rate.

With less then 4 minutes to go, the gap was down to just over a second. A brave and brilliant move by Ian got him ahead of the slower kart with two laps to go and he then proceeded to extend the gap to 5 seconds at the flag.

The joy of this win was made even better by the news that IMSD Junior superstar, Seth Scott Deuchar clinched the Formula 6 championship, making it another double celebration for the team.