It's not over!

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Talking openly about the upcoming Endurance races, Eddie has claimed that he is trying not to think about the championship despite enjoying a comfortable lead with IMSD racing.

The team won at Ellough Park at the beginning of the month while their main championship rivals, HB racing, suffered a miserable race in which they damaged their kart in practice and finished a lowly 14th. This puts IMSD racing 50 points clear with 200 points still up for grabs.

In the recently published Club100 race report, the team were said to be odds on favourites for the championship. Eddie, however, is still being very cagey:

"Although the result at Ellough helped us immensely, we still haven't won yet! Until it is mathematically over HB can catch us. I admit that things are looking pretty good for us at the moment but there are still two races left and anything can happen."

IMSD Racing need at least a fifth place and a sixth place in the remaining two races to guarantee them the championship (assuming HB win). Although the team have finished on the podium in every race where they haven't had a mechanical problem, Eddie was very quick to silence such talk.

"Like I said, anything can happen. We could have two dire races for all we know. I am personally just taking the next two races as they come. I am not thinking about the championship and I am just going to be driving the same as I have all year - it is business as usual as far as I am concerned.

Eddie Hall, Ian Wilson and Stephen Deuchar will recommence battle at Whilton Mill this Sunday.