A Close Win Clinches Championship!

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie and his IMSD Racing team-mates scored a narrow victory at Whilton Mill to secure the 2005 Inters championship in superb style. With their third championship win in four races, their current total of 730 points cannot be beaten, regardless of where they or HB Racing finish at the last round at Buckmore Park.

As at Ellough Park tow weeks ago, this was a very close win - Stephen Deuchar crossing the line only half a second ahead of main championship rivals HB Racing. The enormity of this win didn't register with the team until some two hours after the race when it was established that their points total cannot be beaten.

"I was trying to work it out during the drive back home" explained Eddie. "I was trying to figure out where we needed to finish in the last race but every different possibility I came up with pointed to one thing... we couldn't be beaten!. I didn't want to believe it so I phoned Stephen and Seth for them to check as well but in typical suspense style my battery ran out in my phone. We finally got hold of each other and talked it through and finally came to the conclusion that the championship was ours!"

The race had it's ups and downs. They lost out badly at the start when HB Racing started 10 places further up the grid than they were supposed to. Eddie also admitted to having a sloopy opening few laps. Making the most of a good strategy, Eddie managed to claw back the lost time and pass HB Racing on the track (for the fourth consecutive race).

Eddie also had a scare at the end of his second stint when a slower kart squeased him of the track on the start straight. "I was not happy with this. He was really slow out of the last corner and was going at a crawl along the straight. He stayed on the left of the track so I took the line onto the right. He then decided to block me. He knew I was there because he looked around at me just before I braked. I moved to the left side and he just turned in on me going into the first kink and we made contact. He went spinning off and nearly took me with him."

Despite this little scare, the team raced with their legendary professionalism and consistency to eak out a 13 second lead. In the last stint, this lead went down from 6 seconds to just over a half of a second at the flag.

"The whole team did a brilliant job today. We all drove well within ourselves and were driving more conservatively as were thinking of the championship. Our pitstops were perfect and we really deserved this win.