It was worth the weight!

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

“Put on some weight or change Category”. Were the orders given to Eddie in the pre-race weighing in.

Eddie weighed in 1.5kg under the minimum weight limit and had to incur a weight penalty to compete which affected his whole race meeting.

“Because one side of my kart was considerably heavier than the other side, it caused major problems with the handling of the car. I had several moments coming out of the last corner when the back end stepped out and even down the straights I was having to turn to the right slightly to stop the kart veering off to the left!”

“It was my own fault really, I weighed myself at home with all my gear on and it was very marginal. I really should have made absolutely sure before I registered with the heavy weights. Despite this small set back, I enjoyed the racing. The races were as slick and professional as I had hoped and it was definitely worth the wait”.

The minimum driver weight in this category (including helmet, overalls etc) is 80kg plus an extra 5kg of ballast that must be carried. Eddie weighed in at 78.5 kg. The minimum weight limit for the light weight class is 72 kg plus ballast, so if Eddie were to transfer to this category he wouldn’t have to carry any extra weight penalty but would be among the heavier drivers.

Eddie is expected to announce tomorrow (Monday) what his plans are. If he were to transfer his points from this meeting would not be counted. As he is missing rounds 2 and 3, this will seriously affect his championship chances.