Thunderkart Race Confirmed!

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie and fellow IMSD Champion Stephen Deuchar will race in a non-championship thunderkart race on December 27th at Buckmore park, it has been confirmed. The duo, who finished third in the event last year, have been working behind the scenes to compete in the event again since August.

"I am happy to confirm that both myself and Stephen will again compete in the 2 hour Thunderkart Event at Buckmore." Eddie said in a press conference earlier today. "I am looking forward to the event as we had such a good race there last year."

When pressed if the other two IMSD Racing drivers, Ian Miller and Ian Wilson were going to be a part of the squad, Eddie replied "They might enter an IMSD-B team. There have been discussions, but as far as I am aware nothing has been confirmed yet. It would be good if they can because we can then go for an IMSD 1-2, to really end the season on a high!"

This event will bring Eddie's 2005 total up to a record 21 races.