2006 Calender Announced

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

The dates for both the 2006 sprint and endurance championships have been announced. Although Eddie will definately be moving up to the Premier Clubman Championship with IMSD Racing for the endurance series, it has not yet been officially confirmed which races he will take part in.

The endurance races will go back to the pre-2005 system and be held the day before the sprint races. The dates for next year's endurance races are as follows:

Sat 25th Feb - Buckmore
Sat 25th Mar - Rye
Sat 8th Apr - Whilton
Sat 27th May - Clay
Sat 24th Jun - Lydd
Sat 29th Jul - Llandow
Sat 26th Aug - Buckmore
Sat 9th Sept - Whilton
Sat 14th Oct - Bayford
Sat 28th Oct - Rye
Sat 11th Nov - Buckmore

There is, as yet, no news on Eddie's plans for the sprint championship although, traditionally, he leaves it until January before signing for the season. The dates for the sprint championship are follows:

Sun 26th Feb - Buckmore
Sun 26th Mar - Rye
Sun 9th Apr - Whilton
Sun 28th May - Clay
Sun 25th Jun - Lydd
Sun 30th Jul - Llandow
Sun 27th Aug - Buckmore
Sun 10th Sept - Whilton
Sun 15th Oct - Bayford
Sun 29th Oct - Rye
Sun 12th Nov - Buckmore

The calendar for next season will appear on this website as and when confirmation comes through as to which races Eddie will be competing in. Visit again soon!