Eddie Hails Exceptional Year

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie has described 2005 as being “almost perfect”. After an incredible year where, with IMSD Racing, he scored 5 wins (including dominant class wins at Spa and the Lance Yeomans), 2 seconds, culminating in the Inters Endurance Championship and was nominated for the Most Improved Sprint Driver of the Year award.

“It has been an astonishing year. I still can’t quite get over just how well it’s gone. Spa was definitely a turning point. Getting that first win under my belt I think was just such a huge weight off my shoulders and since then the season has gone from strength to strength.”

Eddie explained that at the beginning of the season, things weren’t quite as happy.

“The sprint season got off to a bit of a slow start. That bulls-eye seemed to have reappeared on the back of my helmet again because for the first three races, I got taken out. To be honest, after Clay Pigeon, I was so close to just packing in the sprints because I just wasn’t enjoying it. Added to the fact that I was starting have real success in the endurance series, I didn’t see any point in carrying on. I decided to give it until Wales. I told myself that if I didn’t at least make the A final there I would pack it in. I’m pretty glad I didn’t because the rest of the season was just amazing.”

When asked about his thoughts on the endurance championship, Eddie was full of praise for his team.

“What can I say? The whole team are just fantastic. We work really well together, we get on well, and our strategy and team-work have been unrivalled this year.

“To be honest, at the beginning of the year when the other guys were saying ‘we have a great chance of winning this championship’ I was very dubious and was realistically aiming for a top 10 finish - top 6 at best. As I said, Spa was the turning point. After that race, I just knew that we could do it.”

Despite the success and the recognition that he has personally received this year, Eddie is refusing to get carried away.

“For sure winning the championship is a huge confidence boost. The recognition that I have personally got in both championships this year by the staff as well as the other drivers means a lot. But I refuse to let it go to my head. This year, for me, has been the culmination of several years’ hard work, personal and financial sacrifice and I’m starting, hopefully, to reap the rewards of my hard work.

“2005 is over now and we are all focussing our efforts on the fight for the 2006 Clubman championship.”