Eddie to Only Do 3 Sprints in 06

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie has signed up for the 2006 Sprint Championship but will only compete in 3 races. Eddie has competed in every Sprint Race since the start of 2002 and had his most successful season in 2005, making 5 A finals and narrowly missing out on the Most Improved Driver of the Year award.

This announcement comes as a surprise to many - especially after such a successful end to 2005 - but Eddie explained his decision after signing.

"2005 was a great year for me. I had a successful year in both championships and had lots of race wins. But it was also an expensive year. I ran a full season of sprints, a full season of endurance races, did the Spa 10 Hour, the Lance Yeomans and also a Thunderkart race. Although it was great year, the finances took a real knock and I just can't justify spending that sort of money this year - not without some sort of sponsorship.

"I had to decide what would be best value for money and the endurance championship is a no-brainer. Last season I won the championship with IMSD. I went to every race knowing that we had a chance of winning or at least coming away with a trophy. Although I also had a successful year in the sprints, I am realistically only racing for a top 10 in the A final at best. Although this is still quite an achievement - especially considering the level of competition and the numbers - I just don't have anything to show for the money I put in."

Eddie went on to say how his decision was purely motivated by money and was also quick to point out that he has not quit the sprints for good.

"The fact is that I have a mortgage to pay and other things that have to take priority this year. I need more money!

"I have to look at value for money. The endurance races (in a three man team) are cheaper, I have a better chance of success and I will get at least twice as much time in the kart. Plus I prefer the style of racing over the sprints.

"I'm not knocking the sprints! I think it is a great championship but in the endurance series you are part of a team and good team-work can win you a race. You have to think about strategy, pitstops, you have to learn to drive conservatively so save the engine, fuel and tyres, and stamina and consistency is also important. The sprints are about pure aggression and your day can be completely ruined by one person taking you off. At least in an endurance race you have two hours to recover.

"I am not quitting the sprints. I will compete in three races this year: Clay, Llandlow and the August Buckmore round. If the finances look better I may well be back for a full season in 2007. Until then I will be concentrating 100 percent on winning the Prem Clubman championship."