Eddie cautiously Optimistic for 2006

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie has said that he is quietly confident about the team’s chances in 2006. The IMSD Racing squad move up to the Clubman Class of the Premier championship this year after dominating the Inters series last year.

Speaking on his official Website, Eddie said that he thinks the team has a great chance of fighting for the Championship again this year.

“To be honest I don’t think much will change from last year. The top 5 or so from the Inters series have to move up and I imagine that most of the top teams will be joining us again this year. Because the top placed Clubman teams from last year have to move up as well I think we will pretty much be racing with the same people. I can’t see that much will change.”

Eddie also went on to say he was relishing the chance to race with the top Prem teams as well.

“Based on our performance against the Prems and Clubman teams at Spa and the Lance Yeomans race last year, I think we should be confident of a good showing. We proved at both races that we could match some of the big names for pace over an endurance race so I think we can spring a few surprises. I can’t wait!”

Despite his confident mood, Eddie has also admitted that he is remaining focussed and refuses to get carried away.

“What I don’t want is to repeat the mistakes I made in ’97 after I won my first championship. I got over-confident and I made some very immature career decisions without thinking them through, which pretty much screwed me for a number of years. This time I’m determined not to make any mistakes and continue the winning!”

The new season gets under way in just under 4 weeks at Buckmore Park. Eddie will be in action alongside team-mates Stephen Deuchar and Ian Wilson.