2005 Season Review

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

As usual, Steve Dart’s end of season review was published at the end of January. The much anticipated article is always a good read and Eddie was featured again in the drivers just outside the top 10.

Last year, Eddie was criticised in Steve dart’s report for getting involved in too many incidents and picking up penalties, something that Eddie said he was very conscious to improve in 2006.

Taking Steve’s comments on board, he certainly had a much more successful season (despite problems in the first three races) and Steve had this to say about him this year:

“Eddie Hall made a quantum leap forward in 2005, primarily because he leant to keep himself out of trouble and combined with a lot more confidence and more track time (inherited from the Endurance series), he made 5 out of the 10 A finals he contested, taking two 11th place finishes at both Buckmore events. His qualifying was still a little inconsistent but he put in a number of solid drives in the finals and just seemed a much more rounded driver in 05.”

You can read the full 2005 review by clicking on the following link: http://www.club100.co.uk/hw_review_2005.htm