Eddie's Thoughts on Whilton

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie is in confident mood going into this weekend’s race at Whilton, despite the IMSD Racing team’s slow start to the season.

The opening race saw the team finish down in 21st after a number of incidents during the race. At Rye House two weeks ago the team (racing without Eddie) suffered a number of problems – all three drivers having accidents – and finished well down the order in 27th place!

Despite the early season setbacks, Eddie thinks that he and team-mates Ian Miller and Ian Wilson can deliver this weekend.

“We have to look at the positives. We have obviously been on the pace so far this year. Our lap times have been very competitive and our overall performance on the track has been good. If you take away the problems that we suffered in the opening two races, on paper we could have finished second (in class) in both races.”

When asked what he thought was a realistic result for the team this weekend, Eddie replied:

“I think a podium finish is definitely realistic. I don’t think that we have the performance yet to win but we can definitely challenge for second or third. If we can keep the kart on the black stuff, stay out of trouble and not have any mechanical gremlins, I’m sure we will be there or there about.”

Eddie was also eager to remind people about the significance of this circuit.

“This circuit has always been fairly kind to me in the past. I have always run fairly well here and last year, in the Endurance championship, we not only won the race but also took the championship! It’s a great circuit and I’m looking forward to it.”