A stretched Eddie signs for last two sprints

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie has signed up to do the sprint races at both Llandow in Wales and Buckmore Park. The two next sprint races will be Eddie’s last for 2006 and for the foreseeable future.

Speaking last week, Eddie said “I always planned to do the two longer distance sprint races and finish with the summer race at Buckmore, which was a fantastic weekend last season. These will be my last sprint races, at least for a while, while I evaluate my priorities and sort the finances out for 2007.”

Eddie also admitted that there are concerns over the 2006 budget, but that it won’t affect his participation for the remainder of the season.

“I thought that I was keeping well within my budget, but there was obviously a major oversight somewhere in my calculations, as it appears that I will run over budget this year.

“Despite the 2005 prize money and this years Spa prize money, I seem to be haemorrhaging cash at the moment and despite having planned enough contingency to do a small handful of one-off races, I seem to have got lost somewhere.”

He recently announced that he had done a deal with BPKDC Prokart League driver, Stuart Belbin, to join his team in a one-off 8 hour race at Daytona in Milton Keynes and admits that this has had an impact on his budget.

”Basically it is a very expensive race and for what it is, I think it is a bit too much. I mean the race is more expensive than the Spa 10 hour and to be honest 8 hours in a prokart split between 6 drivers compared to 10 hours at Spa in a TKM split between 4 drivers, you have to question the value for money aspect.”

Eddie has also revealed that there have been a few of other offers this year that he has had to turn down due to a lack of finance but would not elaborate on what they were.