Eddie barred for being ‘too professional’!

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie will not be able to take part in the forthcoming PPK 8 Hour Race at Daytona because he is classified as being too professional. Eddie was invited by Stuart Belbin’s team to take part in the event several months ago, along with fellow Club100 and BPKDC series racer, Mark Figes. However, the organisers of the event have said that neither Eddie nor Figes will be allowed to take part in the event due to their experience.

Eddie has admitted his surprise at the announcement. “I’m quite surprised how it came up in the first place. I don’t know whether they went through the whole entry list and cross referenced everybody with every major karting championship in the UK or they just ‘googled’ every name or what, but it seems a bit pathetic. I would have thought that they would have welcomed ‘professionals’ because it would only increase the profile of the event.”

When asked if he was disappointed with the decision, Eddie replied “Well I’m more disappointed for Stuart really. I mean the guy has obviously put in a lot of hard work to get a good team together and I think he was really quite excited and thought that we would have a good shot at winning. I think it’s pretty bad of the organisers to tell him just over a week before the event that he has to lose two of his drivers, especially when you consider that he invited me to do this race several months ago!

“As for me, well I’m really looking on the bright side of it. I mean it’s always been my dream to be a ‘professional’ racing driver and to be told that I can’t race basically because I am too good makes me feel pretty good about myself. I certainly don’t consider myself a professional but if anything I think it just goes to emphasise the respect in which Club100 is held. I actually think it’s pretty funny!

"I told my [IMSD Racing] teammates about it and they think it is funny as well, although Ian [Wilson] did make a very good point when he asked 'what does the pro in pro kart actually stand for. Should it be an am-kart race, and if I takes part would that make it a pro-am-kart race?'... good point."

However, Eddie did admit to a certain amount of relief from a financial point of view. "It was a big expense for what it was and to be honest it eases the strain on the racing budget a bit. I have already reached the limit of the 2006 budget and have been eating into next year's, so this helps quite a lot.”