2007 Up in the air

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie has been talking about the 2007 options and has said that IMSD Racing have started to talk about their future short-term and long-term plans.

With the recent news that their junior protégé, Seth-Scott Deuchar will be permitted to make his Club100 Racing debut early (this weekend at the Rookie Endurance race at Bayford Meadows) and the recent announcement from Ian Miller that he is unlikely to compete next year, this leaves a certain amount of uncertainty over the driver line-up for next season.

When probed on his plans for 2007, Eddie replied “I can’t say for sure. I think the plan is to stay in the Premier Championship, but I don’t know.”

Eddie recently revealed that he may compete in the Le Mans 24 Hour Kart Race with BPKDC front-runner Stuart Belbin’s team and, although he would want to race in both, would choose this race over the Spa 10 hour if it came down to it. He has also been linked to more BPKDC races next year.

He did reveal that the team are talking about the possibilities for 2007, but that no decision has been made.

“We don’t know. We haven’t really talked much about it. Recent events have started the ball rolling a little bit and it’s getting to that stage in the season where decisions are being made about next year, but everything is still very much up in the air.

“I would personally like to stay in the Premier Championship because it is the ‘Premier Championship’ and I want to compete against the best teams and drivers. The only down-side for me is that we will be a proper Premier Team. This year we are running fairly well in the Clubman class, which is great, but we are pretty much the 'best of the rest' in the Prems behind the top teams and will be only realistically fighting in the mid-field as we are this year. To be honest, I can’t see us being much higher in the championship next year.

“One of the reasons why I stopped doing the sprints was that I didn’t want to be a mid-fielder, I want to win. So from that point of view I would like to look at some of the other options as well. I think it might be nice to maybe compete in the AL series as well, because it is less money for longer races and, potentially, a greater chance of success.”

Eddie has, however, stated that his aim is to focus on the Premier championshipif possible.

"Of course I want to stay in the Prems. We, as a team, got here on merit and we have to race in this championship! because we are too good to stay in the Inters! All I'm saying is that I also want to win and the chances are so slim in the Prems. Hopefully nest years budget will be able to afford me the opportunity to do other things as well..."