Eddie Praises Junior Star

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie has heaped praise on rising IMSD Racing protégé, Seth-Scott Deuchar, after his impressive showing in his first Club100 race at Bayford Meadows yesterday.

Seth, racing with Stephen in a specially set-up team, Double Esses, finished a very respectable 8th despite having to start from the back of the 35 kart grid due to two black flags in practice.

The race was not without its problems as Stephen explained.

“Two of the black flags he (Seth) picked up were in practice, so we were relegated to the back of the grid. He still managed to spin off on the first corner and had several contact and kerb warnings. Our kart was incredibly difficult to start after pit stops and at one stage he sat stationary for 4 laps on the pit exit waiting for a pusher kart because he was obscured from their view.

“He was extremely quick after that and we came from last to finish 8th at the end. Once he's learned about yellow flags I think he'll be fine. No other spins apart from that first corner incident and no-one overtook either of us all afternoon, despite the presence of several familiar non-Rookie drivers! He's a bit hot-headed and not quite ready for IMSD duty but he's certainly quicker than me!”

Seth has been allowed to make his Club100 debut early. The minimum age for drivers is 16. However Seth, 14, will be allowed to take part in the non-championship at Rye House in 3 weeks and will be able to take part in the Rookie Endurance series next year and the sprint series from May. Eddie was full of praise after hearing the news.

“I think it’s a great result. To jump into a TKM from what he’s been doing is quite a big step I would imagine. From the sounds of it, they had quite an eventful afternoon and it sounds like they could easily have finished a lot higher if it wasn’t for other issues.

“He's sort of IMSD Racing's answer to Lewis Hamilton! I remember he showed a lot of promise last year when he was allowed a few test runs at Spa-Francorchamps in the evening and having won the Formula 6 championship last year at his first attempt means that there is obviously a huge talent there. I think we’ll all be watching his progress with great interest next year.”

Eddie, who could not attend the race yesterday due to other commitments, said that he will definitely come to as many races as he can next season.

“I would have liked to have been there yesterday. It would be nice to do the non-championship race at Rye as well but sadly my budget won’t stretch that far this year. Still, I will definitely like to watch a few races next year if I can.”