3rd in the championship caps a difficult year

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

IMSD Racing scored a fine 3rd at Buckmore Park to secure 3rd place in the Clubman Championship.

Going into the final round of the championship, the team had a narrow margin over nearest rivals II2BI and had to ideally finish ahead of them in the race to be assured of third.

After a difficult season where the team have struggled to get their kart sorted in practice, they left nothing to chance. Stephen brought the kart in after his first run and wasn’t completely happy so the team decided to get the mixture adjusted. This seemed to do trick and neither Ian nor Eddie had any complaints.

Qualifying was a fraught affair. On a damp but (slowly) drying track, the team sent Eddie out in the last 5 minutes in the hope that the other karts would have dried the track more. However, a mistake on Eddie’s first flying lap was followed by Team Galliard ruining his second run by making contact. His third run was also aborted due to heavy traffic. This left the team down near the back of the grid. He pulled out all the stops on his last flying lap to qualify an impressive 10th out of the 26 teams.

Making a good start on the damp circuit, Eddie made up places on the first lap and was running comfortably in the top 8 as the leaders came in for the first round of stops. IMSD were one of the last of the front runners to pit and Eddie came in for his stop in 3rd place.

Ian Wilson emerged after the first stop in 6th place overall and continued to maintain a solid pace. By now the track was beginning to dry in certain places and the lap times were rapidly coming down. The team brought Ian in for the second stop to hand over to Stephen Deuchar.

Stephen did a solid job in the tricky conditions. He lost some places to the front-runners but kept it on the track and continued to maintain the gap to their nearest rivals. He admitted to not feeling confident enough into turn 1 and decided to hand his second stint over to Eddie.

The second half of the race was pretty much status-quo. The team were well established in and around the top 10 with a comfortable cushion over their nearest rivals. Eddie went out for his second stint before handing over to Ian. By this time the track was almost completely dry. Eddie did Steve’s final stint and took the chequered flag in 11th position overall and third in class, which gave them 3rd in the Clubman championship.