Eddie: "Cretins cost me good result!"

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie's first race in the lightweight category ended in disappointment as he was the victim of other drivers mistakes. Eddie was one of four drivers hit by an out of control rookie on the first lap of his second heat, which ruined his race and then again, at the same place in the final in which Eddie lost an entire lap and the chance of a top three finish.

"It was absolutely unbelievable. There I was doing everything right, driving sensibly and trying to keep out of trouble when I am hit by an errant missile!"

Eddie's comeback fight in the final was also hampered when he was held up for most of the race by a backmarker who refused to let Eddie through.

"This guy was an absolute cretin and is a danger to everyone on the track. Not only was he slow and obviously out of his depth, but he was all over the place. Every time I did manage to find a way past he would storm past at the following corner in a haze of tyre smoke with all his wheels locked. I had to give him room to avoid another accident!"

Despite his problems, Eddie again impressed with his maturity and scored valuable points towards the championship.

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