Eddie confident of improvement

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie is confident that IMSD Racing will bounce back after their shaky start to the 2007 season. The team have yet even to break into the top 10 in the 2 races so far after a catalogue of errors from Eddie at Buckmore and a poorly performing kart at Whilton. Despite these setbacks, Eddie feels sure that the team will turn things around by mid-season.

“When you think back to last year we had an even worse start to the season and still managed to finish 3rd in the championship. Although we know that we’re not going to be fighting at the front in the Premier Championship, we know that we are a top 6 team. We also know that we are in this championship on merit. We have dominated championships in the lower classes and often shown ourselves capable of matching the top teams. We’re a great little team and I know we can turn things around.”

In an interview on Eddsport, Eddie highlighted the areas that need addressing in the coming races.

”The main problem we have – which I think cost us the championship last year – is not getting the kart set up correctly in practice. The problem is that the Premier Championship is so close and competitive that any tiny issue will cost you.

“We have always done well in the lower classes mainly because we have been much better drivers. In the rookies, inters and all the other championships, there is such a wide range of ability. Often the difference between the fastest guys and the slowest guys is several seconds. In the Prems the difference is maybe a few tenths of a second between the front and the back. At Whilton, for example, the top 25 teams were all covered by about a second in qualifying and I guarantee that most of that time was down to traffic and variations in the karts.”

Although Eddie said that they might have to wait until mid-season for the results to start coming, he was confident of a personal improvement at Shenington.

“Our biggest problem, as I said, is not getting the kart sorted. This is something that we are all guilty of. Obviously I can only speak for myself here but from now on I’m going to be a bit more pro-active in this area.

”My problem is that I’m far too self-critical. I forget just how experienced I am sometimes. I have had 5 seasons in Club100 and have won races and a championship – so I know I’m fairly good! Aside from Shenington I have been to all of the circuits several times so I should know by now that if I’m not going as quickly as I think I should, it’s more likely to be the kart! I think from this race on we all need to be a bit more arrogant and picky when it comes to the karts performance.”